complexe chemical equilibrium and rocket performance calcultaions

Cpropep-Web is a cgi interface to Cpropep. This software is also available as a command line program.

Cpropep is a propellant evaluation software that will let you compute rocket motor performance in function of the propellant. It works like the known software `propep' but is code in standard C, is in development and is supported. There is more information about this project on the Rocket Workbench home page.

Cpropep can compute chemical equilibrium for a fixed temperature and pressure points, adiabatic flame temperature, frozen and shifting equilibrium rocket performance evaluation.

To compute an equilibrium, you just have to specify up to tree ingredient. You have to identify them by their number. To have the list of the code, click on `List molecule codes'. The quantity can be in gram or in moles.
The default value are for KClO4/HTPB/Al propellant.
Temperature (for normal equilibrium only): deg K (298.15-6000)
Chamber pressure: atm
Exit conditions are need only for performance problem.
Type of exit condition
Exit condition atm or dimensionless
Units: Type of problem
Quantity - Molecule code